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Please read before commissioning!


These might change if I get a lot of commissions!
  • Painted Sheet - $30
  • Fullbody Painting - $20
  • Portrait Painting - $15
  • Fullbody Drawing - $10
  • Portrait Drawing - $5

To commission via Payal

Send me a note with the commission details (see below) as well as your PayPal email. I will send you an invoice for the price of the commission. I prefer taking payment via PayPal, so please consider using it instead of dA points when possible!

Information to include in your commission request

Please send a SFW reference of your character(s) that clearly displays all aspects of their design. Original characters as well as characters from existing media are allowed! If the reference doesn't have every single detail (like a view from the back or the character unclothed) that's okay! I'll be able to make do with most references, but I really appreciate more detailed ones.

Include a short description of the character(s)' gender, personality, hobbies, or anything that feels relevant if your reference image does not already have this information. 

If you have an idea for what you want your character(s) to look like/be doing in the piece, great! Please tell me all about it! Commissions can be a collaborative effort, and I'm totally up for working with you to create a wonderful piece.

Additional Pricing

For additional work, an extra price will be added on. This can be sent via point donation (if you purchase through the commission widget) or added onto the PayPal invoice (if you purchase through PayPal).

If you aren't sure which of these apply to your character or idea, please ask! We can work out a more specific price if the categories below don't quite fit.

Add 25% of the base price for a simple background or large props. A simple background would be something like a character sitting high in a tree with only the sky visible behind them, while a large prop would be something like a complex weapon, a game board with many pieces and details, or a piece of furniture.

Add 50% of the base price for a complex background. This means fully rendered background elements like forests, mountains and (please don't make me do this) buildings. 

Add 75% of the base price per additional character. This generally applies to characters who are similar sizes/complexity. If the additional character is small, like a bird companion to a human character, we can decide on a smaller price.

What I will draw

I'm up for humans, animals, anthros, furries, and other organic creatures. I love drawing Pokémon and Transformice characters especially!

I'm really not that great at mecha/robot characters. Please don't make me draw that many straight lines.

If you're not sure whether you should commission your character or not, see the next section:


Go ahead and send me a note or comment on this journal! I'll be updating this journal with more information as necessary.

Are you interested in a type of commission not listed, like reference sheets or a short comic? Send me a note and we can talk about it!
I'm returning to dA to resume posting my Transformice related works!

Commissions are open as well! I will be working on making examples for the listings. If you would like to pay via PayPal, please send me a PM.

If you would like to find me on other sites, here are my updated links:
A801 ♦ Tumblr ♦ Twitter ♦ Instagram ♦ Ko-fi
It's been a while since I've really done anything here, but I can assure you I do check dA everyday! 

Regarding art:
I have a bunch of paintings done for a801 mice that will be posted in batches. 

Regarding Merchant:
I've got some doodles and designs ready to share. I've also been working on the story a lot, so I might even have a synopsis! (Note to writers and planners: get Evernote!)

Regarding commissions:
They're still open, but have received an update! You can now commission a painting much like the batch I put up today.

Also, if anyone has experience installing drivers for Monoprice tablets, let me know! I've tried everything and haven't gotten mine to work. 
Update: I got a replacement one and it's working great! 
School started and wow I have a lot more work to do than I thought! Pretty much every weekday I would come home, shower, eat, and do homework. That's about all I have time for!

I'm currently taking a variety of college-level courses, including studio art and figure/gesture drawing classes. I feel like I would regret started any projects now, knowing that it could be a lot better by the end of the school year with the knowledge and experience that comes with these art courses.

So, to put it plainly, Merchant and all other projects are being postponed until further notice! I will continue to post behind-the-scenes drawings and designs, but the actual comic/story will not be happening anytime soon. 

Commissions will continue to be available throughout the year, in the form of traditional ballpoint pen sketches. 

As always, feel free to ask questions!
I'm planning a new project and have closed commissions to work on it. If all goes well, commissions will be reopened before summer ends. (Edit: They're open now!)

The project, named "Merchant", will come in a variety of forms; primarily comic but possibly with some straight up writing and an accompanying illustration. I will be posting lots of little sketches and concepts related to the project, and hopefully I'll be able to start the actual thing soon! I've got lots of content already; just a bit more roughing out and stitching together some events and I'll have a solid storyline to present.

Feel free to ask questions!
  • Listening to: Woodkid! It's been a huge inspiration for this :)
  • Reading: Wikipedia articles for research
Open for the rest of summer!!! I may tweak the prices, but they will always be open for as long as I'm on vacation.

All money earned from the commissions is going toward a new Cintiq Companion 2 (only the best and most beautiful piece of technology I've ever seen)!!! This amazing thing will allow me to draw on the go and whenever I want to, so this will be a huge help for my artistic progress!

15 July Update
So many commissions. Soooo many commissions. Thank you all.
Something that commissioners should be aware of is that I never accept commissions until I start working on them. I always do them in order, so if you submitted your request recently you won't get a response for a while. Please be patient! And if I end up declining, it is more likely to be because I have too much work rather than because I don't want to draw what you have. 

22 July Update
I've been rather unmotivated lately to do commissions, so I'm closing them temporarily. I want some time to redefine a few things about my style and work on a new project. Sorry to disappoint! If you're really pining to get some of my art, I will reopen commissions eventually.
For those not aware, I have been working on creating a Transformice-based comic for quite some time. A lot of the related material can be found at my Transformice forum art thread.

The latest post has a ton of information and things about the Shaman leaders in the comic. Go check it out!
Join me here:

edit: closed but may be reopened later today
Hopefully they'll be up for good this time! Now that I've got a good idea of what my work is worth, I've established prices accordingly. 

When waiting for a response after submitting a commission request, please consider that I will only accept your points once the painting is done. This is so that if I accept your points at the start but cancel midway, I won't have to return your points and lose money from the royalty fee. Paintings usually take about 4-5 hours and I work pretty much exclusively on the weekends, so please be patient.

If anyone has a suggestion for other commission listings, let me know!
Available for this weekend only! I need to practice some anatomy with a diverse range of animals and characters, so I thought I'd open up some commissions! 
I'm back! The sudden disappearance was due to computer issues that prevented me from logging on. 

Unfortunately, I will be cancelling all commissions I accepted before the downtime. I apologize for the inconvenience. Your points have been returned; if you didn't get the proper amount, please let me know and I'll fix it.
Click here to watch me draw!

edit: closed
Headshots for 10Points  and full bodies for 20Points . 

After doing Progression I've found a pretty sweet looking way of coloring that hardly takes any time. As such, commissions shouldn't take long to complete!

Edit: Removing them for now while I finish the ones I've gotten.

Edit: Updating prices. Headshots for 250Points  and full bodies for 350Points . Please know that I'll only be able to complete commissions over the weekend.
working on a request, join me here to watch!

edit: closed

This link will still be valid for future join.mes, so check in now and then.

[3rd of March]
painting my next thing, you must be accepted to view 
edit: closed due to connection issues.